About Us

Hempel Galleries (HG) was founded in 2003 in the ancient Unesco protected Dutch Galle Fort on the South coast of Sri Lanka. It was set up to provide a platform for Sri Lankan contemporary artists, to showcase the ever-strengthening artistic talent emerging from Sri Lanka and the ever-increasing need for forums from which this talent can be seen internationally.

Hempel Galleries currently runs two art galleries, one in the heart of central Colombo’s Cinanmon Gardens and one in Galle Fort, operating as commercial galleries and specializing in contemporary art from Sri Lanka.

Hempel Galleries represents a collection of talented and exciting contemporary artists working in mediums that include painting, sculpture, photography, and multimedia and that provide interesting narratives of a fascinating country and its culture. These include developing and emerging artists as well as senior prize winning artists such as Sovereign Asian Prize winning artist Pala Pothupitiye.

In 2009 Hempel Galleries Director founded the Colombo Art Biennale (www.colomboartbiennale.com) which has not only supported the development of artists careers, but exposed them to the international art scene, creating openings for artists to exhibit abroad and in turn has raising awareness amongst the international community.

HG has and continues to collaborate with international galleries, cultural institutions and museums and has been responsible for showcasing artists works in Hong Kong, Dhaka, Delhi and London.

The HG team are passionate and dedicated to the promotion of each and every one of the artists they work with and continues to develop exciting projects.

About us